Alcohol Gel Hand Rub Cartridge

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1 x 6


This quick acting and highly effective, alcohol-based, gel hand disinfectant contains 70% alcohol and kills a range of bacteria, enveloped viruses and yeast. Allow employees and customers to disinfect their hands after washing or wherever soap and water aren't readily available, recommended wherever food is being prepared or served and ideal for in between patient contact in non-surgical medical establishments. The added glycerol emollient maintains skin condition and once used, the gel rapidly evaporates from hands without leaving a residue or odour.

  • 1L
  • pH: 5.5
  • Ready to use
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • 70% alcohol
  • Kills a range of bacteria enveloped viruses and yeast
  • Useful wherever soap and water aren't readily available
  • Added glycerol maintains skin condition
  • Rapidly evaporates and leaves no residue or odour
  • Passes EN 1276 with a 30-second contact time, EN 14476 with a 1-minute contact time, EN 1500 and EN 13727
  • Designed to fit 1L dispensers

Jangro has provided a shortened SDS info sheet called a H&S Summary sheet, this brings together the information about the product and Hazard Identification. Please download your required language below: