Syringe With Luer Slip 1ml

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1 x 100
The BD Plastipak 3 piece syringe has a clear barrel for perfect visualisation of syringe contents with bold scale printing for a more accurate dosage of medication. With a latex free stopper which eliminates completely the risk of allergic reactions to latex and special silicone lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly. The syringe has a retaining ring that prevents accidental plunger rod withdrawal. the Plastipak luer slip syringe is perfect for assuring a safe connection of syringe and needle. The Plastipak 2ml syringe has a luer slip concentric tip and a 0.1ml scale on the syringe. The BD Plastipak syringe is a single use syringe that is sterile and latex free.